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We always have a large inventory of exclusive vehicles and accoutrements available for sale!

8 spring Victoria by Brewster of New York

Very stylish vehicle by a famous builder.
On new rubber tyres.
Very sound original condition.
Fantastic pair of original lamps.
Beautiful undercarriage with nice carvings.
With pole for a pair.

Beaufort Dog Cart by Pack & Sons of Brighton, England


A light weight carriage with easy entrance to the middle seat.
Older restoration in excellent condition, ready to go and very complete.
With a pole for a pair or team, leader bars, new rubber tyres, useful footbrake, hub cap spanner, extra whipple trees on splinter bar. Leather whip holder.
Pair of antique lamps signed Barker, London

Booby Hut Sleigh by Smith of Boston

In immaculate restored condition. Patina finish. With pair of antique lamps.
Gorgeous upholstery in silk velvet with authentic épinglé lace. Ceiling in pure silk.
Lots of ivory fitting. Foot warmer. Dickey seat.
Doors and side panels bear the crest of the former noble owner.
The decorative footman handholds on the back are genuine pieces of art.

Double Seat Albany Cutter   –   SOLD!

In sound original condition.
Beautiful curved panels.

George IV Phaeton by Zacharias Lopez of Madrid

Finally finished after 3 years of intensive work and research: the Grand Duc (8 spring George IV Phaeton ) from the Royal Mews of Bavaria. This very elegant vehicle built by Zacharias Lopez of Madrid came to Munich with Spanish princess Amalia Felipe on the occasion of her marriage with prince Adalbert of Bavaria in 1856. The 2 original coat of arms have been conserved and carefully cleaned. The silk cloth and laces of the lavish upholstery have been very accurately copied. Together with an original harness decorated with the Spanish/Bavarian alliance coat of arms. This magnificent set is a good example of the pump and circumstance of 19th Century Royal turnout !

Goat size Runabout

Completely restored with original shafts.

Phaeton by Kruck of Frankfurt, Germany   –   SOLD !

Original condition, with pole for a pair, rubber tyres, whipple trees on splinter bar, brake.
Lightweight and very sound.
Easy access for the grooms.

Roof Seat Breack by Demarest of New York   SOLD!

Perfect sound as new condition.
Large and imposing vehicle with pole for a team , ladder, umbrella basket, hub cap spanner.

Shooting Breack by Beukelmann of Dortmund, Germany

Completely restored and ready to go. With lamps, pole for a team, leader bars, whipple trees at splinter bar, brake, rubber tyres. Easy access to middle seats. Leather cushions. Hub cap spanner. Leather whip holder. Beautiful triple striping. Removable groom seat. 

Skeleton Tandem Gig by H. Ervien of Ogontz, PA, US

Very stylish gig.
From famous Ambrose Clark, Cooperstown, New York, collection
Completely restored.
With original Tandem bars.
On rubber tyres

Hooded Gig by Breard of Niort, France

Completely restored.
With lamps.
On rubber tyres.
Ready for the show ring.

Four Wheeled Hansom Cab by Mayer of Munich, Germany


Very rare carriage by a famous builder.
Probably the only one of this type ever built in Germany.
Perfectly restored, leather upholstery.
With lamps, brake, pole.

Built-Up Breack on Perch by Brewster of New York


An imposing vehicle of extraordinary quality, by one of the world’s most famous carriage builders.
Completely restored to the highest standard, historically correct to the last minor detail.
With Brewster lamps, footboard clock, tapestry  upholstery, stamped out rubber floor mats, pole for a team, leader  bars, spare bars, wicker umbrella basket, mounting straps, leather covered whip holder, hub cap spanner…
Brewster serial number 24391. Built 1903

Roof Seat Breack by Hooker of New Haven, CT.


A full size, imposing, yet lightweight vehicle, fully restored. Complete with pole for a team, leader and spare bars. Ladder, leather whip holder, wicker umbrella holder, horn in leather case. Beautiful lamps and footboard lamp. Footboard watch in brass case. The rear compartment contains a zinc lined wine chest and 2 sets of folding picnic table and chairs. A side compartment shows 2 drawers for tableware.

Omnibus by Debonlieu & Fils of Bordeaux, France


Beautiful carriage in very sound original condition.

Skeleton (Tandem) Gig

Stylish, elegant and very light gig.

Perfectly restored to the highest standards with a “patinated” finish!

Tapestry upholstery. With wheel wrench in case and whipholder. On rubber tyres.



Park Drag by Windover, Turrill and sons of London

Very well proportioned light weight coach. Older restoration in excellent condition.

With pole, leader bars and spare bars. Ladder, whip holder, brake shoe and chain.

Wine coolers and drawer for glasses in rear boot. Stamped out rubber floor mats. Mounting straps.

Front boot opens. On mail axles ! Original hand and foot brake combination. Deep buttoned blue cloth upholster.

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